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    Hi guys

    I have a few blog posts, which are showing with the sidebar. For example, shows my tweets in the sidebar – all good.

    But if you look at, for e.g.,, it is showing the title and excerpt in the sidebar.

    I want the post title to be at the top of the post, and either have no sidebar, or have the sidebar display tweets.

    The 2 blog posts that this affects are also both selected for the portfolio page – does this change anything?

    Really appreciate some help.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hey there, Dave 👋

    I see what you mean! The reason you’re seeing this is because those two posts are formatted to look like portfolio items. Is that intentional? If not, you might want to try making those regular posts and that should fix up this issue.

    I hope this helps!

    Original poster

    OK. Thanks for that.

    I intended them to be portfolio items: i.e.. I selected those posts in the Portfolio page because they are basically showing the skills I can offer.

    Is there any (relatively) simple way of changing the style to “regular” but still having them show up in the Portfolio page?

    On the edit page for those posts, I can’t find a “format” selector or anything similar

    Theme Author

    As it turns out, Dave, that’s not really possible.

    The way we’re structuring portfolio items and posts are completely different, so switching the layouts isn’t something that can be done without extensive code changes.

    Maybe you could use the Default page template to show off your portfolio skills? You’d want to add in the relevant photos and text to the default page and link that to your posts.

    Sorry that’s not what you’re hoping to hear!

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