Removing or hiding "Latest News"?

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    Hi —

    Is there any way of disabling “Latest News”? If we delete the text in the Latest News section (leaving the field empty), the text disappears from the blog, as expected.

    However if we then go back in to the Themes editor, the field is repopulated with the default text “Latest News”. This is fully reproducible — happens every time. It is enough to simply go to a different settings panel in the WP admin, then page to the Theme options and the layout sub-panel to see the Latest News field filled in again. Is there maybe some sort of javascript code that is checking to see if the field is empty and if so, putting a default value in there?

    Please note that this appears identical to this post, however the issue has not resolved itself on our site and AFAIK I can’t switch someone else’s post to “Unresolved” so I’m posting this again.



    The blog I need help with is:


    I’ve assigned this topic to our developer because of it’s advanced nature, and he’ll assist you with info on this soon.




    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your query. :)

    The “Latest News” text is setting itself to the default value, which is the expected behaviour of the theme option.

    To hide it permanently, you could either remove the default text when editing your “theme options”, or use the Custom Design upgrade to hide the text on the frontend of your website using CSS. :)

    Thanks and regards,


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    Hi Matty –

    Thanks for your reply. I feel like maybe we’re missing each other on what’s happening. Lemme try again:

    The instructions next to the Latest News feature state: “Enter optional heading text for the ‘Latest News’ section. Leave empty to disable this heading.”

    I AM leaving it empty to disable this heading: I delete the default text (“Latest News”), leave the field empty and save the change. I’ve done this repeatedly, but every time I come back to Theme Options, the field is filled in again with the default text.

    Are you saying that leaving the field empty WON’T actually disable the heading, that I have to go into the css to do that? Can you confirm?


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