Removing excess words in title on category page

  • Hello,

    I am hoping to remove the “Posts from the CATEGORY category” from a post category page, but keep the category title at the top of the page.

    So it would display: Category Name at the top of the page instead of Posts from the Category Name category.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey again, Alex!

    As it turns out, there’s no way to hide just part of that phrase. It’s an all or nothing option, sorry.

    Just in case you’d like to hide that line altogether, here’s the snippet you’d want to use:

    .archive .pagetitle {
        display: none;

    Sorry that’s not the answer you’re after!

  • Okay I did see that in a past forum post, but I think I’d prefer at least something there. No problem thanks for trying!

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