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    I am looking to for a way to remove the large space between the top (and bottom) of videos that are embedded straight from .


    The space between “Onto the game…” and the video.

    I have tried two things:

    1. simply copy/pasting the video link, which auto-embeds the video but leaves a huge gap
    2. Trying to use the embed code via the HTML editor:

    <div style=”width:100%;height:0px;position:relative;padding-bottom:48.485%;”></div>

    Using option 2 will show the video correctly on the editor, but when published the video does not appear at all, and instead shows blank space.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, it looks like the embed HTML code did not appear correctly. it should be:

    “<div style=”width:100%;height:0px;position:relative;padding-bottom:48.485%;”></div>”



    I obviously cannot get the code to show correctly. But maybe enough will be here for you to help anyways :)


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry for my late response here.

    And I can’t really provide any helpful answer here. The embedded content sets a width and height, so this huge space appears. I don’t think this can be changed, but you could ask in the general forums. It is something that is more controlled by WordPress Core, not the theme.



    Thanks for the reply :)

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