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    Please how do I remove the date from the post url and secondly create reading summaries for each post. So that the full post does not appear on the home page and if people want to read more, they can click on link to take them to the full post. I do have the upgrade but I’m not familiar with CSS Coding. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)



    1) Permalink settings are not part of hosted blogs on

    You can see setting custom post link settings as part of the PHP code behind your blog. (Even if it relies on .htaccess of Apache servers).

    If you would like to set your own permalink structure you must host a version of WordPress elsewhere.

    Removing this option from the blogs hosted on allows them to better control and maintain the quality of the server and site performances as the wrong type of permalink structure can make a site unusable.

    2) Please check out this guide:

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