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    Hello my friend @ binarymoon, hope you are doing just fine.

    A quick help: you will see on my widgets at the bottom of the home page one called “ORIGEM DOS ACESSOS” for the Live Traffic Feed service. I’m trying to get rid of the yellow border but it seems that the regular HTML code border=”0″ doesn’t work. I don’t know if the theme I have or any other CSS is being given priority…

    The code for the widget is:

    Live Website Traffic

    Also – bonus question :-) – at this same widget column, the other widget (“HISTÓRICO DA ORIGEM DOS ACESSOS (PAÍSES)”), as the one I’m mentioning above, doen’t have the exact #333333 background color, but I’m also unable to have this working.

    Could you please help me, as usual?

    Thank you as usual…



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Theme Author

    Hi Eduardo – thanks for the meswsage.

    Just had a look and it seems the border is part of an image – so css can’t change it.

    Looking at the url you can tweak the b value to change the border colour, but it will also change the text colour, so it’s not ideal.

    For the footer background – the main site content is #333333 – but the footer is slightly darker and is #262626

    So, if you change the flag image embed to use 262626 then it should blend in:

    So not a perfect solution but hopefully that helps a bit.

    Cheers – Ben


    Original poster

    Hi Ben, yes… I see you your point. For the footer background, it really worked well. For the one above, well… the service is not even up right now :-).

    Thanks again!


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