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    It’s been two months since I’ve written a post, but I noticed a few changes in Duet for me. I can’t tag keywords in the post like I used to be able to do, nor can I find related posts to add to the post as I used to do. Is there an upgrade I’m missing?

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi there!

    What do you mean by “tag keywords”? Are you saying that you cannot add WordPress tags?

    Regarding the related posts option, I will have a staff member take a look. I am not familiar with that functionality.



    Hi there, it sounds like you used to use the Zemanta tool. In January 2014, we removed integration with Zemanta from We’re working on improving our editor to incorporate some functionality previously provided by Zemanta. Some features, like related posts, are already there. We encourage you to use our Related Posts feature on, and for images, check out our list of websites that provide free images, videos, books, and other content for your blogs.



    Thanks for the insights, Kathryn!

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