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    Dear Sir,
    Please see this link:

    In this link, I am asking about the “Show Answer” button. When click the button, it shows “hide Answer” button.

    In my case, when we click on “show answer” button we don’t see the ” Hide button “. What to add in my case for making like the above link ” Show answer and hide answer ” button.

    My post link is this,

    Ten years hence, the respective ratio between Simmi’s age ans Niti’s age will be 7 : 9.?

    Please make it like that or guide me.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author


    It looks like the site is using JavaScript to toggle button name on click.

    Please note, we do not provide any help with customization beyond the scope of the theme’s intended style or functionality.

    While, we are happy to provide basic CSS tweaks with regards to simple changes, more complex custom changes are not covered by the support because theme customization has to do with preference, rather than actual theme issues.

    You can check these topics regarding changing the button name on click.

    Here is information on how to add a custom JavaScript to a WordPress site.

    Note, these changes require to have some coding skills. The theme support does not cover fixing any issues caused by custom changes. So, please be careful with the changes.

    Thank you,

    Original poster

    I believe
    Thank you Sir

    Theme Author

    You are welcome.

    Kind regards,

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