recipe photo not showing up when using the WP recipe maker

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    I write recipes and post them on my blog using the WP recipe maker. the recipes posted using the WP recipe maker are supposed to have the picture recipe at the top right of the recipe box but with this specific theme the photo doesn’t show up.

    Another issue that I have been having using this theme is the fact that the older post button does not show up right on my blog. I have tried everything but with no results… Does anyone have any idea about how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    1) I’m not familiar with WP Recipe Maker. Give me some time to look into why Spatial does not display the photo in the recipe box like other themes.

    In the meantime, just to clarify terminology, is this the recipe box?

    And the photo of the recipe is supposed to be in the top right corner of this box? Where would it be in relation to the “Print Recipe” button?

    Can you provide an example of a theme you’ve seen on with expected behavior?

    2) Hmm, I’ll look into how it got like that initially. In the meantime, this Custom CSS will make it look normal:

    body #infinite-handle span {
        background: transparent;
        border-radius: 0;
        color: initial;
        cursor: pointer;
        font-size: 0.9375rem;
        padding: 0 0 70px;
    body .site-main #infinite-handle span button, body .posts-navigation a {
        font-weight: bold;
        padding: 14.75px 40px;

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