Reblogging (and the drop cap style)

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    I reblogged a post from another blog:

    The text in that post is centered because it’s a poem, but on my blog, with not one but 3 (!) drop cap letters, it looks a little odd and off balance.. As much as I like the drop cap, this may be a drop cap too far.. If that is indeed the source of the problem.

    Is there anything I can do to correct that?


    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi again, Satu!

    It seems the poem is formatted with a horizontal rule. I believe it’s this rule that’s causing the duplicated drop-cap.

    To see if this is the case, can you please switch to the Text tab of your post editor, and remove the following?



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    I did as you asked, but to my surprise there was nothing in the text editor except my intro text of the blog post. The reblogged post part didn’t show there at all, nor was there any drop cap code (or any other kind of code) there.

    How can that be?

    This really is a very minor issue, I’d simply like to find out what caused it.



    Hi Satu!

    I am going to have a staff member take a look at this. I think that the issue is caused by the CSS rule that tries to add the drop cap to the first letter in the first p tag of the a div. The reblogging seems to add extra divs and the styling is applied to those divs as well.

    To, how is the reblogged content added to the post?



    The reblogged content simply has this div around it:

    <div class="reblogged-content">

    Otherwise its content is identical to the HTML of the original, as you can see here.

    tollmanz – a solution could be to provide satubell01 with some custom CSS to not apply the drop cap to the first paragraph within this div.


    Theme Author

    Thanks, @kathrynwp!

    @satu, do you have the Custom Design upgrade? If yes, please let us know and we can provide you with a snippet of CSS that should resolve this problem.


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    I do have it!
    Oh-oh, does this mean that I’ll actually, for real, have to use it??
    That I’ll have to download a child theme and wrap my precious content in those odd-looking symbols you guys are so fond of?


    Theme Author

    Hi again, Satu,

    Yes, you’ll need to apply some custom CSS—not to worry, though. You should only need to copy over the following:

    .reblogged-content p:first-child:first-letter {
        float: none !important;
        font-size: 1em !important;
        line-height: 1.6 !important;
        padding-right: 0 !important;

    Be sure to read through this guide about editing your theme.

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