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    I’m experimenting with Chronicle using “Live Preview”, and noticed that on pages (not posts) it seems to grab a random image from my media library and place it at the very top of the page.

    That doesn’t make much sense to me, am I missing something obvious which would suppress this behavior?

    Thanks in advance for any info!

    The blog I need help with is: cygnusstudios.blog


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    Forgot to mention, curiously, this only occurs on some pages, not all.


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    Hi there.

    Sorry about the confusion here. It’s a little complicated how Chronicle picks a site header for pages.

    In order of priority Chronicle will use:

    1. The featured image.
    2. The first image uploaded to the page.
    3. The site header image.

    For the featured image or first uploaded image to be used the image has to be 1140 pixels or wider.

    There’s no way to disable this on your current plan unfortunately. You can always set the featured image to override the image the theme has chosen.

    If you had the business plan I could provide a simple plugin that disables the custom page heading.



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    Hmm… On the first page I previewed:

    1) It has no featured image.

    The header image that appears isn’t part of the page content in any way, just one of many images out in my media library. It does however meet the size requirements you mentioned, so perhaps it was the first one that did and that’s why the theme grabbed it.

    2) If I add a featured image to the page there is no header image displayed at all, whether it meets the theme’s size requirements or not.

    3) The image displayed isn’t the site header image.

    So, still a bit puzzling, but I guess I could use #2 as a workaround anyway. ;^)

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