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    Hi there,

    since some weeks, the Quote block in articles, and also the left or right text justify around an image, are broken when visiting, reading, or even editing a post in a computer browser (I use chrome latest). The more width the browser size is, landscape ratio I mean, the worst. Focalizing in Quotes, they don´t stay in the main text zone, neither in editing view nor in regular published post, they just justified all to the very left of the page, close to the menu zone.

    This problem is big. Kills the look of the posts look.

    You can check it, for example, here:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hey there,

    Not sure if I understand exactly. From my side, it is showing fine.

    Can you take a screenshot for me, too, to make sure we’re on the same page, and I understand the problem you’re facing?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


    Original poster

    Sure, here there are the screenshots that shows the problem with Quotes justifications in view mode -what all users can visit and see- and also in edit mode.

    Example 1 (in view and in edit)

    Example 2 (in view and in edit)

    Thanks a lot.

    Original poster

    Please, any help, news, with these problem related to the quote blocks? It´s very important, at least, for my site. Thanks a lot.



    I am jumping in willing to help; let’s take the issues one by one.

    #1. Quote block alignment

    I am using the Quote block, left-aligned text and this is how it looks → https://cln.sh/bJKQHb. 👀

    Please note that I use the Quote block, not the Pullquote block.

    I have a feeling there’s something I’m missing in trying to replicate the problem you’re facing; if so, please let me know.

    #2. Left or right text-justify around an image

    I tried to replicate this, too, but it seems to be fine for me. Check this out → https://cln.sh/hzJpCI

    Is there something that I and my teammate Alex are missing? Please let me know. I am more than willing to help you sort it out.

    Thank you,

    Original poster

    Hi, thanks for your reply alinclamba.

    I see, and I´m a bit confuse.

    As you noted, there are two quote block types.

    In my case, using Pullquote block work as it should, both in admin-edit and in the post once it is published.

    The problem – justification to the very left, just close to the left menu zone, happens with the

    Quote Block


    Did you checked the screenshots I pasted in my previous message, or maybe there was some problem accesing my Onedrive shared images? If that is the case, plesase let me know and I can try to share the images again, in this case using another share method, way.

    There is one thing I found yesterday. Maybe that can help to find what´s wrong with this block.

    Addding to my custom CSS this:

    .wp-block-quote {
    margin: auto !important;

    make the Quote Block work, justify, ok in the published post. But he justify problem is, of course, still there when editing in the admin-edit space.

    The small css add-on is actually inserted in my custom-css. If you need me to delete it, in order to check, test, things, please, let me know and I´ll do it.

    Thanks in advance.

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