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    I am thinking of buying Arcade for a new blog. I see that the image is a bit blurry, I guess this is on purpose so the logo and text “Arcade” are more prominent.
    I want to use a full width image but I need it to be crisp and clear, and would add the logo on the image so I would not use the text area (where it says “ARcade” Is this possible?
    Also, is it possible to make the home page image clickable?
    Does it have a flexible header? home page slider?

    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is



    The image used in the demo is actually blurred on purpose. Whichever image you choose to display will show up exactly as it is created. If you want it to be as crisp as possible, just make sure the image itself it about 1800px by 1200px.

    The header image is not clickable and there is no slider option. You can replace the site name with a logo if you want, or if you upgrade to the Custom Design package, you can use CSS to manipulate any element.

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