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    Hey there, just a quick question – I’m currently putting together a blog that writes on multiple topics. I’d like the menu to have “Category 1” “category 2” “category 3” etc. which I can do easily. But my question is, is it possible to then edit the page that button links to in a way that is separate from the main page? Can I have different widgets on different pages, is basically what I’m asking. Right now, I click on one particular page in edit mode and the changes I make there show up on the main page as well. Is it possible to customize individual pages with widgets, or is that too complex for the theme? Thanks!

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    Having widgets on different pages is a little bit controlled by the themes – only if they have specific sections for different pages.

    Most themes by default show the same widget areas on all pages.

    Also when you write a post, it will show on the main page and on the category archive page.

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