PYT, title text, quotes not working

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    I’ve had this theme for some time but have been experiencing issues with the quote selection. It used to highlight whatever text I’d selected and change the justification and background as a paragraph, now it does it line by line.

    I’m also very frustrated with the removal of the option that allowed you to remove the Blog title from the header, I was adjusting some settings this morning and suddenly my title won’t go away! I see a discussion below, but no clear resolution (ie where did the button go that once allowed us to have this title removed.)

    The blog I need help with is:


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    looking at the post regarding title issues from August I’m really hoping a solution exists that doesn’t require me to purchase the CSS upgrade. While it says it’s been resolved there isn’t an actual resolution….


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    Can you give me a link to a post with the quotes issue?



    I believe ashallann is talking about this thread regarding the header text option.

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