• Hey,

    I use my website as a portfolio and some of my projects should only be accessible/ visible to a certain range of users. Is there a way to limit the content available to the public, but making the entire content available to a few? What comes into my mind is maybe a password lock, or a link which can be send. My problem is that I have confidential content in my portfolio, which should not be accessible to the public.

    To make my struggle clearer, attached you find a screenshot.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey there! Happy to help.

    The good new is that your site right now is invite only — so no one is seeing anything they shouldn’t be. What I suggest is you go through each of your pages/portfolios and adjust your visibility settings. Once that’s sorted, you can switch your site to public and simply email people the password to view those pages.

    You can even set different passwords for each page.

    I hope this helps :)

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