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    when I go to a page with portfolio-projecttypes I get first a list of all the projecttypes and then I get the portfolio itself

    it didn’t do that until recently; it used to show just the portfolio
    can you fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    oh – wow – sorry about that. You have a lot of project types there – I hadn’t considered anyone would have quite that many.

    That’s a new feature – but I can see why you would want to change it.

    If you have the custom design upgrade you can add the following to hide it:

    .projects-terms { display:none; }

    and I’ll have a think about a more permanent fix.


    Theme Author

    Hi – I have submitted an update that will restrict the number of project types to 6 – sorted by the types that have the most projects in them. This will make the page look a lot better and is hopefully a good compromise between the 2.


    Hi, I’d rather not have any number of projecttypes shown
    There is a widget for what you want to do; the cloud that users can use when they want to


    Theme Author

    Hi – I’ve disabled the functionality entirely. I’m going to rethink it and will consider adding it back in a different way in the future.

    Thanks- and sorry for the inconvenience.



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