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    hi, is it possible to add a description to the projects top level page? I want to be able to add a general description of the projects featured in the page

    The blog I need help with is


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    There isn’t a way to add a description to the page title itself, but if you are using the Default page template for your projects page, you can add a description at the top of the page content using a larger header text size. Since I am unable to view your projects page, it’s difficult to provide a solution, because it really depends on the content of the page.

    Let us know if we can assist further. Thanks!



    Hi thank you. is it possible to create multiple project categories? For example, i have a top level project page titled “colors” i want to feature each color as a project within this page. then I want to have another top level project page entitled “flowers” and feature flowers as projects in the page. Right now, i’m only able to do one category for project.


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    Thanks for clarifying, I think I understand… What might help is to add your projects as “category pages”. You can add each color, for example, as separate categories under the dropdown, instead of as standard pages. Here is some info on category pages:

    I hope that helps! Let me know..


    thank you! I’m trying to create a blog home page that will not show the full posts in the home page. can we customize this theme to include content options? so only the excerpt will show


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    If you’ve set your homepage to display recent blog posts, you can create excerpts for the posts by adding in a “More Tag” within the posts. Here’s a little tutorial about More Tage:

    I hope that helps! :)


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