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    Can you please advise why I’m not seeing the photo on the Project Page as full width?

    Note that the image does not reach the full width of the grey bar.

    I’ve tried every combination possible for the alt images, but nothing seems to work as per this demo page:

    Also, what’s going on with “featured images” – the documentation here says:
    To create the thumbnail for your project, use the “Featured Image” box found at the bottom of the right column. Use the popup window to upload an image, and then click “Use as featured image”. The image that you upload should be large since it will also be used as the background for the header on the single project page.

    However, I get absolutely no image on the Project Page unless I add it in manually (as above)

    The blog I need help with is


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    Try adding this to your custom CSS:

    #primary.content-area, #main-content {
        max-width: 960px;
    .site-header  {
        max-width: 1065px !important;

    Mellow doesn’t show the project featured image as a background for the header. Can you send me the link to the page where you are seeing those instructions? It must be a mistake on that page.


    Thank you, that worked.

    The instructions are under the “Building your portfolio” section on this page:


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    You’re welcome.

    Since you are using, you should be using the Mellow documentation here:

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