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    Hi there,

    I’m new to wordpress and have no idea of coding, so whenever there’s the need I’ve just been copying and pasting.

    For some reason, my ‘The project’ page is updating to the proper format- the font and font size are just changing randomly when I press ‘view site’. How can I solve this problem?

    Also, how can I add a footer to the website- i need it to be present whenever the user moves from one tab to another.


    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi – thanks for the message.

    The font size issue is happening because you are using a font that is different to the default. The problem stems from the fact that the font has to download and then display, so you see the backup (default) font until the new font has downloaded to your computer.

    The solution is to hide the content until the font has loaded. You can do that with the following custom css:

    .wf-loading body {
      visibility: hidden;

    A footer can be added through the sidebar widgets. It looks like you are using a footer widget to display a follow us section.

    Note that the footer does not display on the front page of the site, but will display on every other page.


    Thank you for your help with the footer- I’ve sorted it out now.

    With regards to the font of the projects page, I’ve ‘cleared all formatting’ using the shortcut in the editing section, and it’s still not displaying correctly.

    I’ve also pasted the code provided but i’ve seen no change either.

    Should I simply try and create a new page?


    sorted thanks!

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