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    sorry for my bad English, but I hope, someone of you can help me. I have a photoblog and today I bought the theme “Writer”. Now I have problem with upload of my site. It takes about 1 minute to upload it. I didn’t have this problem yesterday and I know the reason for this problem is “writer”. I paid for this 80 Euros and it would be better not wronger. What can I do in this case? I have many pictures but it is not the reason for this problem. Thank’s for your help! bilere

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi Bilere,

    I’ll check your site out and see why it’s taking so long, it really should not be that way.

    ~ Marc


    Theme Author

    I see you’ve already changed the theme. I’m going to mark this ticket as resolved if you don’t have any further questions for me.

    ~ Marc

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