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Problem with My Header - Gray Overlay.

  1. When I created my header I was using an old Macbook. After changing into a new Macbook retina-ready, I noticed that my header background has turned gray and is a little blurry compared to the old screen. I can't figure out why. When I go to my customize page, I find that the header file has a white background, which I have specified in Photoshop, as it should but when I upload it, it turns gray again. Aside from that, the text is also a little blurry and I would like to optimize it for retina display. I don't know if the problem is due to an update that the theme underwent or it's something from my end. It was working before.

    Can someone help me please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi! That is strange. Let me chat with my dev team and I will get back to you Monday. Have a great weekend! No worries, we will get you taken care of!

  3. It is strange yeah, can't figure out why! No problem, will wait for your reply. Thanks.

  4. Hello,

    I'm taking a look at your site right now. Can you explain what the header image is supposed to look like? Because I don't quite follow what you mean by it being gray. What I see is a full-width white image with gray text on top, is that what it is supposed to be, or is there supposed to be color? Here is a screenshot from my machine:

    As for the retina aspect, that is not something that can currently be combated because when you upload an image it crops it to a 1120px width. Normally I would say you just need to load a larger image to make it "retina" but that wouldn't help in this case since it gets cropped down. Typically this isn't an issue when adding a decorative image to the header, but since you have text it does 'pixelate' on a retina screen (I have a rMBP too so I understand the battle ;) Sorry bought that :(

    Let me know about the gray issue and I'll see what's up!


  5. Hi.
    I fixed it. Thank you.

  6. Glad you got it to look the way you want. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Have a great day!

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