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    I’m using the Curator theme on my blog
    I’ve uploaded my own header. It looked very good at first, but suddenly the header became smaller. The logo appears larger in the customizer but smaller when the site is loaded directly. It was exactly the same header I used to have when it was the right size. If I try to put another header it turns out the same. Small! I want the header to be as wide as the whole width of the blog as it used to be. I’ve asked the support team at WordPress, but they couldn’t help me.


    I have the same problem. Logo takes the whole width of the blog in customizer, but becomes smaller once I save.

    Anyone has a way to fix this?


    So here’s how I fixed the problem.

    I added this to the CSS in the customizer :

    #logo img {
    	width: 100%;
    	height: 100%;

    Works with tablets and phones too.

    Theme Author

    If you want to use a full width header it maybe best to use CSS and set the image as a background image to #header

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