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    I have a visual problem on my blog.
    I’ve written a long article with lot of photographs (around 30).

    In the edition mode, i see all my pics, and when i preview or publish, a large part of photos are invisibles, there is just a gray line …

    Is there a limit of image on a post ?

    Thank you for the help !

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hey Eve,

    Hope to help you with this issue.

    Can you show me an example post where this is happening?

    Kind Regards,

    Original poster

    Hi Scott,

    I have finally resolved my problem, but there is a serious bug with images. i have rename maybe 4 times the same file and reuploaded 4 times to see it correctly … my last article contains 27 images, so it was very boring to do …

    an example of a jpg image uploaded here :

    There is nothing to see but the strange it’s that i have renamed the file, and reuploaded, and it works finally.


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