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    I am desperately trying to create a more fluid drop down menu from the primary menu item “writing projects” there are 3 main items within this menu option (The Harvest Series, Crossroads, Who Rescued Who) and I would like to be able to hover over one of these items and see the submenu options connected to it. Originally, when I had this set up only The harvest series had additional items but they simply showed as a double sided column. Now that both crossroads and THS have submenu items they do not all appear when hovering so I am in need of a fix!!

    I have chatted with WP support who stated there is a bug with the theme and he could not create a CSS workaround in order for all of the sub menu items to be seen or to create a hover rule option. This theme is my absolute favorite and I DO NOT want to have to buy another one, but not being able to differentiate between a main menu items sub item of that menu is beyond frustrating. When I hover, I see the three main items to the left and the sub items to the right, but there is simply no way of knowing which items on the right belong to which on the left AND now that there are 8 sub items, only 5 of them show :(

    A hover rule would be greatly appreciated for this theme, but if this is not possible, a fix to see all subitems would be fantastic!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, thanks for reporting this issue with the sub-menus, I see what you mean. I’m going to report this to our developers so they can have a look and see if we can get this fixed up. We’ll keep you posted here.



    I got it fixed through support. Here is what he sent along for anyone else having this issue.


    “Scroll down to the “Navigation” module and look for setting with a checbox next to “Load Superfish Script?”

    Check that box, then scroll to the bottom of the page and save the settings.

    The JavaScript from that setting will make the menu behave properly as it does in the theme demo (and explains why I couldn’t find the hover rules before!)”



    Glad everything is working, thanks for letting us know!

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