primary menu link and sublink? not showing properly

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    Hi again,

    I am having trouble with the “professional experience” and sublinks I’ve created. Not on the home page, but for example, when I am already on a post or page and the primary menu links are on the top of the page, I hover over “professional experience” and it gets cut off by the image on the page. This means I cannot see the further sub link. I have also noticed a similar problem on other pages and on the tablet view. I am talking about the desktop view. I took a screen shot, but do not know how to upload it here for you to see. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Hey Sonya,

    I hope you had a great weekend.

    I’ve just had a look and it seems to be working ok:

    What iOS and iPad are you using?

    Warm regards,


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    I no longer see the issue…the primary menu no longer appears at the top, so perhaps that was the fix. Thanks.


    Cool, Sonya!

    Stay awesome,

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