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    Hello theme authors,

    as I was going through my growing collection of posts, I noticed that the function of the “Previous Post” and “Next Post” links at the bottom of each post seems to be switched.

    Clicking on “Previous Post” should logically bring you to an older post, while “Next Post” should logically bring you to a newer post. In the Rainier Theme the two are switched, you can try it here:

    Can this be changed?

    Thanks for your time,

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hey Sander!

    We’ve put in a note to WP about this to see what the best solution would be. It depends how you look at it and probably the content on each particular blog as well. We typically lean to newer entries (prev) and older entries (next) especially since it aligns with the order of posts on index pages. We’ll wait to see what the direction from WP is here before making any changes!


    Thanks Calvin,

    I have two other blogs using different themes and they both work in the (to me) logical way, with previous meaning earlier, and next meaning newer. Thank you for conferring with WP, I’m curious what they will say, please let me know what the verdict is going to be when you’ve made your considerations.

    Cheers, Sander


    Theme Author

    Hey Sander!

    The verdict is that the terminology, using ‘previous’ implies an older post, and so we’ll be switching it out the way you’ve suggested! That change should take effect soon :)


    Thank you Calvin, looking forward to it :-)

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