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    Recently my site was select for WordPress’ “Recommended Blogs’ list under the ‘Popular Culture & Entertainment’ section ( However, I notice that the live feed preview pane is only showing two posts. Furthermore the post are aligned to the left leaving a large blank space on the right-hand side.

    My questions is if there is a way to alter my setting so that the preview pane image more accurately reflects the look of my site and the overall the style of the theme? The preview window clearly has room to feature more post. Is there a change I need to make to my mobile settings? Or is there some other setting option that I need to adjust?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, congratulations on being selected as a recommended blog!

    I opened the Customizer on your site via the homepage and am seeing all your posts – here’s a screenshot:

    Would it be possible to upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing to help in troubleshooting?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot:

    You can upload the screenshot – in a graphic format like JPG, PNG, or PDF – in your Media Library so I can see it. Thanks.



    If you are referring to something other than the Customizer preview pane, please let me know, perhaps I’ve misunderstood. I’m sure a screenshot will help. Thanks!


    Sorry maybe I am using the wrong terminology, hopefully this screen shot (now in my Media Library) will help clarify things. I noticed a similar thing once before when someone linked to my site but thought it was a one off issue.



    Ah, thank you for the screenshot! I’m going to try to find the answer for you about why your screenshot looks that way and whether we can make it better. I’ll keep you posted here.



    We’ve manually generated a new screenshot and all your posts are now showing:

    It may take some time for you to see it; you can try clearing your browser cache as well.

    Our system automatically pulls a screenshot of your site; some themes like TheStyle take a second or two for the posts to pop into place, and so the screenshot our system takes may be slightly out of whack.

    You should now be good to go!


    Great! Thank you for taking the time to look into the matter. Much appreciated.

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