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    Hi there,

    We got it to work so thanks!

    That said, we’ve noticed that the aspect ratio of the image varies. It looks like the slider on the vertical is quite tall. Can we edit the code to make it more of a horizontal frame so that the nav bar isn’t down at the bottom? It would be great to get this above the fold.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is:


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    We figured it out =) It’s dynamic…we resized photos. Thanks!


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    But now we have other questions =)

    1. How do you get the home page to look like the one in your theme. We don’t want the “Read more” there nor do we want it to say by Mountain View PD.

    2. How did you get the posts to appear at the bottom of that page. Perhaps that’s a widget…? We’ll look.



    Theme Author

    Hello mtnviewpd,
    Thank you for writing :)

    1. In order to get the home page looks that the demo page, follow the steps related in the Support page:
    About hiding “Read More” and “by author” elements, you can add your own CSS:
    .entry-summary a.more-link,
    .entry-header .entry-meta {
    display: none;

    You will need the Custom Design features.

    2. Yes, you can use the Christopher: Recent Posts by Category widget to build your own front page. Also you can use the Recen Posts Widget in the Footer Widget Area to featured your latest posts.

    Let us know.
    Thank you again!

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