Potential change to WP.org – conditions ?having bought "tuned balloon"

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    Having sent a request to understand the conditions to “move” tuned balloons and my content to wp.org onto “arialdesign” on your website, I have unfortunately not received any feedback at all.
    Therefore I try it in here again;-)
    Since we do have issues with a couple of solutions we would like to implement and where plug-ins would be available – but cannot not be used on WP.com I was wondering if you could let me know – what limitation “tuned balloon” has in terms of plug-ins and also at what conditions could we “move” our website based on your theme to wp.org (with a guided transfer). I know that I do first need your approval before being able to move.
    So I do appreciate your feedback.
    kind regards

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi Marie,

    thanks for contacting again. Actually we got your email on 9.1.2015 and answered it the next day. Don’t know why you didn’t get it. Anyway, no problem here is the copy:):

    Hi Marie,

    thanks for using our theme!

    Themes for WordPress.com are specially adapted to fit their system and therefore it is not possible to download them from there and use on self hosted site.
    Self hosted versions can be purchased from our site directly and are a part of WordPress and Premium plans http://www.anarieldesign.com/pricing/.

    With self-hosted versions there are no restrictions for plug-ins that i know of.
    Of course, we couldn’t test the theme with all available plugins, but it is coded according to the latest WordPress standards so there should be no problems.

    Hope this helps a bit!

    Best regards,


    Anariel Design

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    On 09.01.2015 18:57, Anariel Design wrote:
    > From: Marie-Therese Maeder <(email visible only to moderators and staff)>
    > Subject: Bought Tuned Balloon on WP.com – Transfer conditions to WP.org
    > Message Body:
    > Hi
    > I have bought Tuned balloon on wp.com and I do like the possibilities;-) djmanon.wordpress.com. Since I am struggeling more and more with some of the restrictions for plug-ins by wp.com, i would like to move to wp.org and therefore I would like to know the conditions of having a copy of tuned balloon for the selfhosting ans also if there are any restrictions for plug-ins with that theme.
    > Thank you very much for your assistance
    > Kind regards
    > Marie-Thérèse Maeder

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