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  • Hi

    I’m a bit confused about how to use pages and posts.

    I’d like to have a ‘news’ section in the menu that you can click on and then there’s a list of updates on projects. Can I create a ‘news’ page, add it to the menu and add blog posts to this ‘parent’ page? I cant see how to do this.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi Jo – thanks for the message.

    There’s info on the difference between posts and pages here:
    Post vs. Page

    There’s a few ways to do what you are asking but the simplest would be to use your blog as normal. Post news articles (as posts) and add them to a news category. WordPress will automatically create a category archive containing all of the news stories. You can then link to this from your navigation bar.

    If you really want to use a custom page then you could use a shortcode ( to list the blog posts but that can be a bit untidy and create really long pages so personally I would go for the option above.

  • Thank you so much – that makes sense. I didn’t realise I could add a category as a menu item

    Couple of quick questions :

    1.Can I remove the ‘category’ titling that appears at the top of a page when a user clicks through on a category eg Category: 2017 Category:Installation. I’d just like to have the name of the category as a heading.

    2.When viewing on a mobile, there is a grey translucent box over each image. Can this be changed to work in the same way as when viewing on a laptop ie image that changes to grey when rolled over

    Many thanks


  • Hey Jo – no worries – you’ll get there! :)

    1) The category prefix, I’m afraid that can’t be hidden. It’s a common request but it’s part of WordPress and is really hard to change. I am trying to get WordPress core to add a method for changing/ removing the prefix but it’s slow going. You can see here the ticket was opened 2 years ago – ! :(

    2) It’s not possible to hover things on a mobile. The phone doesn’t know where your finger is unless it’s pressing the screen, which counts as a click. As such we can’t have the hover effect on the phone I’m afraid. We could change the styles however. If you wanted to hide the title, or make the grey box more transparent (so the image shows more) then I could give you some css to do that.

  • Hi

    Thanks very much for the info re Q1

    So….viewing on a phone has the grey boxes with title. Viewing on a tablet has grey box with titles when viewing in portrait, but in landscape, the images show the same as on a laptop, but as there is no hover, the titles dont show. It would be good if everything viewed the same if possible?

    It would be great to get the code to reduce the transparency of the grey so the image is more visible, while keeping the title.

    Thanks so much, you have been a great help


  • Hi Jo – thanks for pointing out the touch screen inconsistencies. The titles should have shown on the ipad in all orientations. I’ve tweaked the theme so that they will always show on touch capable devices.

    To change the opacity of the background colour you will need the following css:

    .main .post-archive .entry {
    background: rgba( 58, 58, 58, 0.8 );

    The transparency value is the 0.8 (this is the theme default). A value of 1 is solid, and a value of 0 is fully transparent. You can tweak this however you like.

    Thanks – Ben

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