POSTS: Published blog post images used as Portfolio Page Gallery item content?

  • Hi there,

    My site is to do with photography. I will have the Portfolio home page with its six subject galleries, and also a blog.

    I’m wondering if one can re-use/attach an image that has been published as a blog post, also within a subject gallery on the Portfolio home page at some later date.

    Or is it only possible to link an image from the Media Library once, ie to the blog post?

    Or do I need to upload that same image again?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello there,

    You can use an image that you’ve uploaded into the media library as many times as you’d like on your site. :)


  • Hi again Melissa,

    As many times as I like…I find that amazing!

    As a long-time blogger, also on WordPress, usually once one has published a post image, that image’s Attachment Page shows which post it is linked to.

    In the past, I’ve tried to re-use an image, and what that did was to produce that little picture placeholder in the older post. No image. I took that to mean that an image could be used only once.

    I’ll have to try it, but not just now, and let you know how it goes!
    Thank you! :O)

  • Well unless something has changed, this should be no problem to simply reselect an image from the media library! Do let me know how it goes.

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