Posts in Quote Format missing appropriate fields in Gutenberg

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    Title and body don’t work to populate the quote box, so I went through the documentation and it says a couple of fields will appear for this type of posts, one for quote and one for quote.
    No additional fields are given even though post format has been set to “Quote”. Tried both after posting as a new blog post, and editing, still, the extra fields are missing.

    Most likely a conflict with Gutenberg.

    Here’s a screenshot of the issue:


    Theme Author

    Hi Omar,

    The code patch for this feature is submitted to staff for review. Now is up to them to release the update if the code is meeting community standards.

    Thank you,
    – Djordje



    Hi Djordje! Thanks for getting back to me.

    Just to be sure, this update would address all our concerns, the ones discussed over our very long mail chain? Meaning additional fields for custom format posts not showing on Gutenberg, and especially the Video format which is the one we need the most, and the one most broken (not working with Gutenberg nor Classic).

    I’m not familiar with WP’s code reviewing process, how long does it usually take? Will this also work for self hosted sites correct?

    Thanks again.



    Hi Djorde, we still don’t have an update for the theme. Did it go live?

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