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    Hi There, for some reason, my posts suddenly started appearing in italics a couple of days ago. Display is perfectly fine in Chrome, but not so good in IE 10.

    Any suggestions on what’s happening here?

    The blog I need help with is:


    How strange! Is the demo site appearing for you in italics in IE10 as well?


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    No, no it’s not. Very strange indeed. Hmmm….


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    Hi there!

    Thanks for checking.

    When you see this issue, are you signed into WordPress? What do you see when you’re signed out?

    Also, it’s possible you’re viewing a cached version of your website. To see if this is the problem, please try hard refreshing your web browser.


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    Ok – so logged out and tried. Still the same issue – then did a hard refresh too… no change. The text is still in italics. I’m stumped…

    It’s essentially all content copy and the navigation links. The main story headings are ok and haven’t changed, but they’re a different font.



    I just tried viewing your site in IE10 / Win7 and the only content that is in italics for me is the photo captions. I’m stumped as to why you are seeing it differently.

    Have you tried viewing your site on a different computer?

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