Posts grid equally sized

  • I’m looking into this theme. Wondering if we can CSS into this and make all posts in the grid (homepage) show with equal sizes instead of masonry. Let me know if this is possible.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there – you could add some custom css to do this.

    something like

    .home .content-posts.content-masonry article {
    height: 26rem;

    Should do the job.

  • Doesn’t seem to have worked very well… for example, the article with the title “Grahf” is missing the title.

  • And as I see, some articles still are displayed with different sizes in the grid.

  • Portrait wasn’t really designed for this, so it may not work everywhere. The problem is that the content could have any height, so you may have items that are taller than the specified height, but this will break the rows. If you make the height even taller then you could end up with rows that are really tall with big gaps under the titles, which is also not nice.

    You may be better off with a different theme that has things in neat rows.

    I see you’ve changed theme now so perhaps this one will serve you better.

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