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    I’m new to this and not sure how to explain everything, so I hope you can follow:

    On my Home page I want a grid of posts (actually pages, but that doesn’t seem to work if I want the title to overlap the featured image. Super disappointing btw!). What happens is, that the preview of the post actually shows the picture in the post on the Home grid. Which is absolutely useless because then I get a picture and text overlapping the feature image on the Home page.
    So to solve this I inserted a “continue reading” thingy. But now that shows up on the post preview. Can I 1. change the “continue reading” text into something else or 2. eliminate it all together?

    Or is there even a way to use pages instead of posts to get the same result? That would be a million times better actually!

    I’ve googled a lot and one problem seems to be that I cannot access the Editor in my Dashboard Appearances. It just simply doesnt exist. And the CSS doesnt work with the code others proposed.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    So after struggling with this for more it seems like my excerpts are simply not showing and I can’t figure out why.

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    Hi there – thanks for the message and sorry you are frustrated with the theme.

    In case you haven’t seen them the docs for the theme are here:

    Unfortunately there’s no way to list pages on the homepage. You can add them to the featured content slider, but WordPress is designed as a blogging platform and so posts are what will display.

    You can hide the ‘continue reading’ text with the following custom css:

    article .read-more { display: none; }

    There’s more on custom css here:

    Since your site is private I can’t look at it to see if I can work out what the problem is that you’re having. If you can make it public then I would be happy to have a look. If you want to keep it private then I will ask a team member to take a look.


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