Post Title is Blocked by Featured Image in Non-Sticky Posts

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    Hi there. When I publish a standard post (not sticky) with a featured image (smaller, thumbnail) and also with an image inserted into the post itself (a larger image), the formatting of the title and featured image always gets messed up (when viewing all the posts from the home page). Only if I delete the featured image all together does the title appear correctly. How can I insert an image into the post AND set the featured image without seeing duplicate images in the post once it’s published?

    You’ll see what I’m talking about with four of my posts (not sticky, at the bottom of the home page). The bottom two had the featured image removed. The two posts above it were attempts to insert the featured image. If these posts are sticky, they appear just fine.

    main blog page:

    The blog I need help with is:



    Could you please post a screenshot of the problem? You can use for that.


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