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    On my blog not all images show up on my main page, you have to click on the post itself to see the image associated with each post.

    But sometimes, like on my home page now there is a list of books about scientology, and each of those has a photo included, and these photos are shown on the main page.
    I would love to know the secret to having all of my photos show up on the main page as well as on the individual post page.
    Thanks so much,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey Kali!

    Thanks for the message – sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

    I checked out the homepage and I looked at the site with other browsers and all of the images seem to be appearing.

    This may have been a temporary problem or it may be something that’s still happening. If so, can you give me a little more information like which post is not showing the images on the home page but is showing them on the individual post?



    Thanks for getting back to me! I’m not seeing the images on the main homepage for “In Until You’re Mine,” “Jon Ronson, Monica Lewinsky,” “What We Talk About When We Talk About Vaccinating..”

    Really the only one I do see images on the home page for is “Getting Clarity in A Post Going Clear World,” everything else the image doesn’t appear for me it is just the text on the homepage…



    Every post has a picture of the book itself, that I’m reviewing, like the Scientology post does. And on the home page I’d like the image of the book itself to appear next to its review, like each image appears when I click and follow to that individual post’s web page.

    Does that make more sense?

    Thanks again for your help!



    Gotcha! I think I know what’s happening…

    For “In Until You’re Mine, All That She Wants Is Another Baby,” do you have an excerpt for the post created in the dashboard of the post editor?

    My guess is that you’ve got an excerpt for that post, but not for the others. If you don’t define an excerpt, then it shows the post content and since the post content has images, the images appear.

    If this isn’t the case, let me know and we’ll continue to track this down! :)


    Hi, yes this was indeed the case! For some reason I just assumed I could use the excerpt and the pic would still show up, with the excerpt. But thanks! Now I know. I didn’t use an excerpt on today’s post and the picture is there along with the text.



    Sure thing – glad we got it sorted :)

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