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    1. I would like to change the titling of this page to something shorter than “Posts from the ‘_______’ Category” to just the title of my category.
    2. I would prefer to have a blurb/short summary with a “read more” link rather than the full posts on the Category Summary page.

    I don’t see any options in Dashboard. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    1. Unfortunately, this title cannot be reworded. Would you, instead, like help removing this title?
    2. You’ll want to add the More Tag to each of your posts.

    I hope this helps :)


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    Thanks so much, Scott.
    1) I think it would be clear to visitors if they click on the category that the posts that show up are the corresponding posts. So, yes, I would prefer to remove the title.
    2) EXCELLENT! on the “more tag” and I will experiment. Never thought of it.

    I am new to the theme and forum, and truly appreciate this access to help! Mary — :0) smiling back to you!


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    Just tried the “more tag” and it works perfectly, BUT!
    The summary post page only shows ONE post intro and not a series of intros to the other posts in the category. Can that be adjusted?

    My only other work-around would be to do the following:
    1. Ignore the automatic category summary.
    2. Make my Categories on the Nav a Page that becomes my own created archive page where I manually list the topics.



    Hi there!

    It looks like you might have your “posts per page” set to 1. If you adjust the number of posts shown per page, you should see more of your posts in the category archives. You will be able to find the “posts per page” setting in the “Reading Settings” screen.


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    Duh! I have a static home page and thought the number needed to be 1. I’m reworking all my posts for the Read More option. Thank you!

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