Possible theme bug? Auto text color on main menu

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    On the main menu, the text color automatically switches between light and dark depending on the background/header color. This works fine on my PC and MacBook, but not on my iPad. On my iPad, the text is always white, so when I switch to a page with a white background, the menu is rendered invisible.

    I checked with a friend who also has an iPad, and he sees the same issue.

    The blog I need help with is groovefactoryentertainment.com.


    Theme Author

    It looks like there is some custom CSS added that displays the color for links at 1024px and below as white. The iPad in landscape mode is 1024px.

    Have you added any custom CSS to your theme? If not, it may be that the Custom Color styles for the theme need to be tweaked.



    Not anything for color. The only CSS I’ve added is to adjust the cropping on the featured images, per your suggestion on the other thread, and to hide the actionbar.



    I did a bit of investigating on this. If I go to Customize > Colors & Backgrounds, and click the Default button to use default colors, then the menu items display fine on an iPad.

    However, as soon as I change the link color to #ed3237 (while leaving the default background and text colors unchanged), then menu items start displaying as white on the iPad. So the issue appears to be with the link color settings. It’s not custom CSS.

    Any suggestions?

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