Possible glitch when clicking back in browser

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    Hi — We’re using the Publisher theme, and we’re seeing something that might be a bug … possibly related to infinite scroll?

    Sometimes (but not always) when I’m on the front page of our blog and click into a post, then click back in my browser (as opposed to clicking the header to return to the front), I’m taken here …


    … which is weird because I started here:


    Is there any way that I can ensure that when people click back, they’re taken to the top level (if that’s where they came from) rather than to page 2?


    The blog I need help with is: tervisblog.wordpress.com



    Hi there,
    This is indeed due to Infinite Scroll. When you scroll on an infinite loading page, it adds the next page of items to your current page, and subsequently loads the next page’s URL.

    This isn’t necessarily a bug, rather a compromise in using Infinite Scroll. The only way to alleviate this is to turn off Infinite Scroll and use default the next/previous links instead. If a user was to click the back button using this method, it would return them to the page they expected.


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    Cool, that makes sense — thanks for your help!

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