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    still me
    yesterday, i tried to change the order of the images of portfolio
    It took metime to put in the right order
    it was all ok yesterday..
    and today, it is not in the right order
    i dont understant because the order is from the publishing date/time and it doesn’t appears in the order…
    the first line is ok
    the 2nd line moved…. and , for example, the image at 9h… should be the last one on the right on the main page…
    thanks for your help

    The blog I need help with is abat-jourcreations.com.


    i tries by muself to correct yesterda night..
    it was ggo during one hour
    then, again the order diseppeared..
    thanks for help


    Theme Author


    Did you mean the order of projects in the “RĂ©alisations” section? They’re sorted by publishing date/time (not modifying date/time) in descending order. The ones published last will appear first. So, maybe you just need to go to the Portfolio and edit the publishing date/time for each projects to keep them in the right order.


    evrything is ok

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