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    I’m using the Portfolio template for a page in the header menu, and I would like all single projects in that page to be visible as “sub items” in the menu. This way people can also pick up a single project directly.

    Also, how are the “project tags” supposed to be used?
    In particular, is there a way to display a portfolio project on the homepage (same format like another “normal” page)?

    Many thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)



    Let’s review:

    1) You can add the individual projects as sub-menu items in your menu by adding a custom link directly to each post to your menu and indenting them to the left under your main menu item. You’ll easily find the URL for each link by navigating to each of the projects and copying the URL from there.

    2) Project tags don’t really have a function other than assigning a certain theme to the project in question. They kind of work like the post tags, but won’t display an archive in the theme as is.

    3) I’m afraid it is not possible to display a project on the homepage as you would a normal page. You would have to create a page that resembled your portfolio project instead to display here.

    Thank you!


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