portfolio projects displaying as traditional full width blog

  • Hi there

    I’m having no trouble setting up my blog posts to display as a 3 column portfolio page template on the front page of my site, but my portfolio projects are displaying like a full width blog (https://3boysenberries.art/portfolio/)

    I’ve got the ‘enable portfolio projects’ box ticked in the wordpress settings, and in theme options in customise, I’ve ticked 3 columns for both the portfolio category columns and the portfolio page columns options. I’ve looked all around in settings etc and can’t find anywhere else I can change this.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
    Regards, Liz.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    We are currently unable to view your site since it’s set to protected status.

    As a result, I requested an invite to view your site. If you can grant me access, I can then view and inspect the issue to help troubleshoot the problem.


  • Hi David,

    Sorry I completely missed the emails with your response, I’ve granted access to you just now. I closed the site up to private as I have a lot of cleaning up to do since switching themes. Thanks for your help 😊


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    No problem. :)

    If you navigate to Settings > Reading within the WordPress admin, is your “Shop” page currently set as the “Posts” page?

    If so, you may need to remove the Posts page selection by choosing the “- Select -” option. The Posts page defines a page as a blog. So, even if you have intended to setup the page as a portfolio, that settings will override the layout.

    Also, I see the page is titled “Shop”, but the permalink URL is “portfolio”. I would recommend changing the permalink to something other than “portfolio”. Perhaps “my-shop” or something more related to the page title.

    Let us know if either of these changes help to display the page correctly.


  • Thanks for your reply :)

    The ‘shop’ tab in my header menu actually links to my portfolio projects (which is why the permalink says ‘portfolio’ – I’d love to change the link to this page if possible, but I don’t know anything about coding or css).

    As one of the ways I tried to fix the issue, I actually made a page called ‘portfolio – page’ with the portfolio template set (which I just changed the name of to ‘shop’ which had no effect on the permalink), to see if this helped – it didn’t, probably because it was the setting for my ‘posts’ page when the issue is with my portfolio projects (not my blog posts). Nevertheless, I’ve just tried changing this setting to ‘-select-‘ but to no avail. I’ve looked around for settings everywhere else, including in customize, but nothing is working.

    If it’s not possible to display the portfolio projects in the same way as the blog posts with the portfolio template, I will probably improvise and include that content in the blog posts instead of projects; I’ve been thinking of starting over and doing that anyway.

    thanks again,
    regards, Liz

  • Hi Liz,

    Ah, I didn’t catch that you were adding projects from the portfolio custom post type. I was under the impression you were using post categories or the portfolio page template.

    The Photographer Theme did not contain support for the portfolio custom type. However, based on your ticket, I have pushed an update to the theme adding support for projects using the portfolio post type. As a result, when the update is approved, your portfolio projects will display in the same 3 column layout style as your home page.

    Sometimes it can take WordPress.com a couple weeks to approve a change such as this. So, you may want to transition to using regular posts for your portfolio in the meantime.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Awesome, thank you so much! 😊

    Have a great day David 🌻

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