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    Hi there,

    My portfolio pages are acting weirdly, depending on where you click “from”!

    Here’s a page when clicked from the home page portfolio thumbnails (no picture in sight):


    Here’s the same page after I clicked from the above page on the little portfolio icon between the projects navigation arrows at the bottom of the page (pictures, buttons, logos are there and the thumbnails also, which may be too much!):


    Can you please explain why pictures appear in some cases and disappear in some others?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    I think my “view all” button is point at the wrong page but I can find the place to update to the correct page.

    In any case the pictures are not showing…


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    Ok, solved the issue with the “view all” button pointing at a wrong page (I had another page with a portfolio template)

    Portfolio projects/pages still not showing images! Thanks for the help

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    Great. Glad you got that figured out.

    Do you mean the images are not showing on your portfolio page or on a single project page? Can you send me a link to a page where the image are not showing up?

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    All “project” pages (event solution pages in my case) have pictures in them, but they are not showing up.

    Is there a box I ticked somewhere that is preventing images to load?

    From the portfolio page, each following project page should have images:

    I hope I’m clear, let me know if I’m not!

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    I found the issue, I had the pages I made before with images and the portfolio project pages I made later without images. Links poiting at the wrong pages, sorry…

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