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    1. I want the colors on the main page to be different than the colors on the posts themselves.

    When I pick my custom colors they change the tone of them to be more muted than I would like.

    A: I would like the outline boxes (The boxes around the text), the menu items, and the blog titles to be #FD5226

    B: I would like the buttons to be #D9B733

    C: I would like all the body text to be black.


    I would like all of this removed from all blog posts. I tried using the CSS given to several on this forum and it does not work.


    I want to remove the featured Image from all the individual blog posts


    I want to remove your featured sidebar from the left of all blog posts and have the blog posts themselves be full width.


    I want to add a PRIMARY menu somewhere else on our home page that directs to our pages.

    I am trying to find your pages layouts – I cannot access the templates.

    We are trying to make it somewhat match the shopping website which is

    I am willing to pay to make these changes

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Christina,

    You do such an excellent job with our Gema theme and your site! Big congrats! 👏

    I’m so excited when I see someone trying to get the most out of this theme. You don’t have to pay for the changes you want to make; I’m more than happy to help. So check my solutions provided below.

    #1. Colors.

    /* Card Title Border Color on Blog Page */
    .card__title {
        border-color: #FD5226;
    /* Button Color on Blog Page */
    .btn {
       background-color: #D9B733;
    /* Body Color */
    .body {
       color: black;

    #2. Author, Date, Category

    /* Remove Meta Data from Single Posts */
    .entry-meta {
        display: none;

    #3. Featured Image

    /* Remove Featured Image on Single Posts */
    .singular .entry-featured img {
       display: none;

    #4. Sidebar

    /* Remove Sidebar on Single Post */
    #secondary {
       display: none;
    .singular .post__content {
       padding-right: 40px;

    #5. Pages

    I’m afraid the Hive theme doesn’t have an option for that, sorry.

    Stay kind and safe!


    I need to check – can I not utilize any pages when using the hive theme? We need an about us page etc. Can you grant me theme edit permission so I can utilize custom coding?

    Please let me know I would be very thankful.


    Theme Author

    Hey, Christina!

    I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I don’t understand the question precisely. 🤔

    You can create and use pages; there’s no problem with that. As I can see, you already completed at least one page, but it’s not listed yet in your site menu.

    If you are looking for access to the theme editor, I guess you need to get in touch with the support fellows. See more.

    Let me know if I managed to help or at least answer your question.

    Thank you,


    Theme Author

    Hi, Christina.

    Didn’t hear back for more than a month, so I consider my answers above helped and I mark this topic as Resolved.

    If there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know without thinking twice. 🙂

    Stay kind,

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