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    I’ve put a gallery on my featured post on the homepage, 99% of the time the thumbnails are pixelated like they are being scaled up by css… but the thumbnail actual sizes are plenty large so they shouldn’t be pixelated.

    However, I have seen it load before when they are not pixelated, so I don’t know why most of the time they are. I’m wondering how those are handled, maybe it’s loading a mobile optimized version when it should be loading a full version?

    Please help me iron this bug out.

    The blog I need help with is maddiewilsonmusic.com.



    Hi mswilson1,

    Your images are consistently loading correctly for me, e.g. https://cloudup.com/c2KmKJ7yjVY. Is there an image or area in particular where you’re some times seeing pixelation?


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