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    i’m french and i would like to ask you how to display images (with their notations) last posts as in the demo,
    I found front personali – latest posts – but I can not see just the picture,
    I don’t want see any text,
    I’m sorry for my bad english or if the question has already been asked before,
    Thank you for your help

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    If you’re looking to not display the text shown over the image when hovering over the image, you can remove this by removing the caption for that image. Sometimes, though, this is not desired, in which case the caption could be removed using CSS; this would require the Custom Design upgrade though.

    If you have the custom design upgrade and wish to remove the captions that way, let me know and I can provide a quick CSS snippet that should do the job.

    Original poster

    Hello, thank you very much for your replied, I misspoke in the previous question
    I want to know how to display the latest posts as in the homepage of your theme demo
    I have an example on my website, I am the “test 3” section and “test 1” is displayed only feature (like your site: “open door to loneliness”, “picture galery”, “broken bells “….)
    I hope to this time well expressed
    thank you very much for your response
    and again sorry for my bad english

    Theme Author

    It looks like you’re displaying your latest posts on the front page of your site. If you’re wanting to show them in a Grid format, you can do this by going to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options and set the “Front Page Layout” option to “Grid”.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

    Original poster

    Oh! I had not seen. I’m sorry to have bothered you for something really basic.
    thank you very much.
    Thank you for your speed.
    Thank you for making the theme: it is really great.

    Theme Author

    Awesome, I’m glad that was the solution. There are a lot of settings in the WordPress.com admin, so it can be tough to find what you’re looking for at times, especially when you don’t really know what you’re looking for :)

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