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    Hafa Adai,

    First of all I am loving this theme and the premise it has to keep the UI and UE interface clean and simple. It’s working well for my purpose and what little issues I have come across I have been able to find a solution too pretty simply either with a plugin or through this support page.

    I’m just about to launch but having difficulty finding a topic on how to include photos WITHIN a blog post. Not just as a featured image. My apologies in advance if I missed it here.

    Looking forward to your assistance.


    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Amanda,

    This article should help:

    Since adding photos within a blog post is a task that can apply to any WordPress site, you could also contact staff about this if you need any further assistance:

    They would be best equipped to handle a question like this. If you have any questions about the Spatial theme, let me know by starting another topic in this forum and I’d be glad to help!



    Ok great I’ll check those links. I was just thinking that maybe the Spatial theme was purposely making the plus button for adding media and other elements appear greyed out and unclickable. That maybe it was a bypass on the theme to keep the design simple.


    My apologies, I meant to say “Pages” not blog posts. Please excuse the miscommunication.


    Theme Author

    No worries. The process of adding photos to posts or pages should be pretty identical. I definitely wouldn’t want to ever limit someone’s ability to add content to their site (which could comprise of photos or text), so I didn’t knowingly do any bypasses on that front.

    Let me know if support can figure out what’s going on. If it turns out that Spatial is doing something that is limiting your ability to add photos, it is unintentional and I’m happy to correct.



    I was able to figure it out. It was an issue with Markdown. But now I just launched the site and it seems like Spatial is not showing the Masonry feature for my Blog posts at the home screen on the live site like it did in preview. Help *blush


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    Okay, good to know.

    As for the blog posts not showing up on the home screen:

    – Can you link to an example of one of your blog posts? That “Nothing Found” screen shows up on the homepage when there are no published blog posts, so I want to see an example of something that should be showing up there but isn’t.

    – What preview are you referring to in which the blog posts did show up up the homepage? A preview of your own site? Or something like the Spatial demo site?



    The preview of my own site. Here’s a link to an example of one the blog posts.


    Theme Author

    Hmm, I see that content is protected by a membership plugin: Paid Memberships Pro. Is all of your content protected by this plugin?

    I have a feeling this issue would happen with any theme, not just Spatial. To confirm, you could switch to another theme, such as the Twenty Nineteen theme. Before you do this, to be on the safe side, you might want to do this on a staging site or take a backup (that can be easily restored) first because I see you’ve spent some time filling out widgets. I’m not sure what effect switching themes back and forth will have on these.

    I would guess that it could be resolved by using these shortcodes to protect content within posts instead of protecting entire posts which I’m guessing takes these posts “out of the loop.”

    If that doesn’t work, I would recommend contacting Paid Memberships Pro to see if they have any better ideas on how to solve this. Since it’s their plugin, they would be the most qualified to provide advice. I’m just kinda guessing here.



    I was just thinking the same thing and started playing around with the content protection setting. I’ll definitely contact PMP on this issue. You’ve been great Leland! Much appreciated.


    Theme Author

    You’re very welcome! If you have any other questions just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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