Photography 2.0, with Block Editor

  • Hi.

    * For users like myself who’ve stayed with the Photography (2.0) theme, have there been any visual and/or compatibility issues for the theme we should be aware, now that has the “mandatory” rollout of the Block Editor for all users?

    * Are there plans for a Photography 3.0 theme which might potentially take advantage of the “paradigm shift” as evidenced with the Block Editor?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey there, Henry 👋

    We haven’t tested Photography with the new editor, but we suspect there will be some compatibility issues. Which is a real bummer.

    Also, isn’t really working with us theme shops anymore so any version 3.0 plans will never make it onto this platform.

    Sorry about that! You might want to consider switching over to a self-hosted account where we can better help you way into the future.

  • Thanks, Scott, for your reply.

    Interesting: given both hype and rancor about Gutenberg, I interpret that it’s no longer about “themes”, but rather it’s more about “site design”.

    Thanks again!

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